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Hello faithful readers and new readers, alike. I hope you enjoy my books!

Bensfield Park - Destiny Village Book Four

In 1814, a terrible tragedy happened on Edwin Bensfield's farm. Now, the repercussions are being felt more than two hundred years later in Bensfield Park, at the heart of Destiny Village. As the ghosts awaken, they wreak havoc on the park-goers and it's up to Robin Hayle to stop them.

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The Devil's Bedtime Stories - Volume Six

This is the sixth edition of "The Devil's Bedtime Stories". It's filled with stories that will make you wonder what the heck is going on. A door in a house that seems to go nowhere, a big mound of dirt suddenly blocking the road, and a man whose toenails won't stop growing at an alarming rate are just three of the stories. Read and wonder, and enjoy.

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Lorelei - Destiny Village Book Three

For five friends, they thought the past was behind them, and maybe it was. But with the discovery of a mass grave of children's bones and a dead serial killer, the past is about to come back to haunt them, in a deadly way. Will Robin Hayle be able to save them?

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Destiny Village Cemetery

Something has woken the ghosts in Destiny Village Cemetery and they're not happy. Someone has released the ghosts of Destiny Village Cemetery, and now they're free. Robin Hayle was hoping to get out of the life of hunting ghosts, but when his friend, Detective Dennis Grounds, needs his help to stop the ghosts' rampage, he can't refuse.

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Artifacts: Destiny Village Book Two

The recent theft of seven artifacts from Robin’s home is the continuation of a story of one man using the dead for revenge. Each of the stolen items has a ghost attached, and they are the seven evilest ghosts Robin has ever encountered. Join Robin Hayle as he once again fights for his city, Destiny Village.

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Savage Rule

They killed Jesse Clifton's wife and infant son, and they're going to pay for that. Jesse is going to seek out and destroy Broderick Savage. But that's only if Savage doesn't kill him, first. Jesse's journey of revenge will give him back long-forgotten memories from an amnesia-obscured childhood. As he searches out revenge for the destruction of his family, he will need to fit his past life together like a puzzle. None of it will be easy because Broderick Savage is not an ordinary man. But then again, neither is Jesse.

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The Dark Stranger

2020 Release

He comes to the town to dominate and destroy. Will he succeed or will Holden Brenner, small town Chief of Police be able to save the town? It won’t be easy because the Dark Stranger is centuries old, and he’s destroyed many places.

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The Devil's Bedtime Stories

2020 Release

Volume One

The first in the Devil's Bedtime Stories series of short story collections. Imagine waking up and having no way to leave your apartment. This is what happens to Fred. Imagine driving down the street with your spouse when you see two people that are your exact doubles. This is what happens to Janet and Todd Stevenson. Read these and eleven other short stories that will haunt you and make you think. 

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Volume Three

In Volume Three you’ll discover a child who receives an inheritance from an uncle that he never knew, and wishes he’d never received. You’ll read about a woman who buys the handbag of her dreams, only to discover the terrifying secret within it. These stories, and another eleven to make you question what’s normal.

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Into The Other

2020 Release:

The ground shakes and a high-pitched screech reverberates through the Secord Heights Hotel. Everyone there blacks out, and when they come around, they find they’re in a dark, dangerous world, filled with monsters. If that wasn’t bad enough, they’re also trapped in the hotel with a notorious serial killer.

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Volume Two

The second book in the series gives you roads that go nowhere, a monster that dearly loves a child and will do anything for her, and a man who just can’t stop touching himself. Read these and ten other horrifying tales that follow in the tradition of The Twilight Zone.

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Volume Four

A husband desperately grieves for his wife after he lost her to disease, until he finds a way to communicate with her. Bur is it really her, or is it something with a far darker motive? Read this and twelve other stories in fourth installment of terrifying and strange stories.

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The fifth edition of these stories fit for the devil, we find a man with a magic key, an intrusive person in a movie theater, and the complete story
"The Last Night". Read and enjoy, and try not to be too afraid.

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Dream Walker

Trun believes he is a simple farm boy and is ready to live his life on the farm, outside the little village of Tven. But Trun isn't who he thinks he is, and his life will soon turn into a fight to save the world from the ancient enemy known as the Grull. Will he succeed or will the Grull take over the world and enslave humanity, once again?

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Isaac's Blood

2016 Release:

It’s Christmas time and the Ranton Galleria is packed with shoppers getting ready for the big day. But under them, ready to pounce, even as a huge blizzard will strand them all at the mall, is a creature more terrible than anyone could imagine.

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Coming Soon

I know these are trying times for everyone, I included, but I try to look on the bright side. I know, those of you who read my work probably didn’t think that I could do that. My bright side is the fact that I’ve had a lot more time to work on my writing, and have produced some stuff I think is pretty good. I hope, when you get the opportunity to read them, faithful reader, you will like them as well.


Though I don’t have any cover artwork to show you, there are three new works coming in the not too distant future. One is a two book set that deals with a very different slant on the end of the world. The first draft of this book is already done, and the second book is underway.


There is also another book, more of a novella, which should be coming your way sooner rather than later. I won’t say any more about this right now, but I enjoyed writing it so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.


More news when I have some. In the meantime, stay safe and happy reading.