About Lorne

"When I discovered 
Stephen King's Salem Lot
I was hooked on horror."


Lorne McMillan grew up in Southern Ontario. He spent much of his time alone and books became his friends. He first read books like The Three Investigators and Hardy Boys, but when he discovered Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot”, he was hooked on horror. He now reads pretty much anything, as long as it’s good, but particularly favours horror and fantasy.


Lorne began writing at the age he was able to grasp the pencil. He started out writing superhero stories, and then his love of horror books and television shows like The Twilight Zone drove him to write stories on the darker side of fiction. While other kids his age were asking for Ataris and dirt bikes, Lorne was begging his parents for a typewriter.


Lorne currently lives in Southern Ontario with his wife and two of his three adult children, where he spends his days writing, reading, and watching hockey, whenever he can.

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